June 29, 2016

CaseApp Custom iPhone Case Review + Promo Code

A little while ago I had the opportunity to design a couple of custom iPhone cases for my mom and myself with CaseApp.com. I was giddy at the prospect of getting to paint a design and have a set of one-of-a-kind coordinating cases, and let me say - they have not disappointed. I painted a design, cleaned it up and laid it out in Photoshop, and then used CaseApp's simple designing tool to fit it to the iPhone case. 

The cases arrived quickly after placing my order and fit perfectly on our phones. They do have a slick finish, but are incredibly resistant to damage from falls. I am prone to accidentally dropping my phone on the ground, from trees (yikes), and onto various rocky surfaces. Thankfully, the case is still nearly immaculate! I love having a unique design as well as assurance that my phone will be safe from my clumsiness.

And the best part, the folks at CaseApp have kindly offered a 20% promo code for all of you to use on your own custom phone case (or laptop skin, iPad skin, etc. - there are various options)! From now until July 6th, you can use the code 'BLUEBIRD20' on any item from CaseApp.com. Enjoy designing & let me know what you make!
CaseApp sent me these cases in exchange for an honest review - everything I said here is my own personal opinion and I genuinely love these cases.

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