July 10, 2015

Free Printable July Calendar

 photo july_zpsfzzqgqzn.png
Happy July!

I hope that you all are enjoying this wonderful month so far! June was the hottest month on record for Washington state, so there have been many visits to the lake and yes, lots of ice cream. ;)

What have you all been up to? I know it's been pretty quiet around here, but I promise that I am working very hard on something that shall be revealed soon!

Have a lovely day!

To download it, right click on the image and choose "Save image as". You can print it and hang it on your wall, or download it onto your phone for a wallpaper. Enjoy!

p.s. I put my time into drawing and designing this; please do not claim it as your own or post it online elsewhere without my direct permission. Thank you!


  1. This is adorable! I'm very excited to hear about your upcoming projects :-)

  2. That's gorgeous! I'll definitely look into it.
    There's been a lot of ice cream here, too. x It's been so humid and warm lately, so I've been in shorts all week. It's a nice change from the stormy weather we had here in June!
    ~ Sanjana

  3. What a lovely calendar! Where I live in Australia we are currently experiencing the coldest weekend in five years or something, crazy right!? The complete opposite to you! (Love your blog btw xx)

  4. I like this simple little calendar :) it has been so incredibly hot around here - hope August is a bit cooler!


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