April 9, 2015

Free Printable April Wall Calendar

Well hello there, old friends!

 I'm sorry for not getting this calendar up until just now and for entirely skipping March. I was sick with pneumonia and a cold for the entire last month and wasn't able to tend to my blog much. I hope that you all have been well! Thankfully, I am feeling much better now and was able to create a calendar for April. I feel as if this one turned out a bit more grandmotherly than I had intended, but grandmas are wonderful and hopefully some of you will like the design just as well. ;)

Forget-me-nots will always hold a special place in my heart, and I just loved painting them. Not only are they some of my favorite flowers; they were also among my beloved great grandmother's favorites. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote once, "The earth laughs in flowers." To me, forget-me-nots are one of the gentlest and sweetest forms of laughter that God has planted on this earth.

To download it, right click on the image and choose "Save image as". You can print it and hang it on your wall, or download it onto your phone for a wallpaper. Enjoy!

p.s. I spent time drawing and designing this; please do not claim it as your own or post it online elsewhere without my direct permission. Thank you!


  1. Rachelle this is absolutely gorgeous, you are so talented! xx

  2. i LOVE it! it has such a sweet colour scheme; perfect for spring. you're so talented xxx.

  3. Love the calendar! I'm going to print it right now and put it up by my desk. Such lovely flowers too :). Thank you for not putting a watermark on it, I know a lot of people do that and it keeps it from being stolen but it's so much lovelier without. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  4. So beautiful! You have a lot of talent for painting. I would love to see a tutorial. :)

    Glad you're feeling better! Pneumonia does NOT sound fun.

  5. That calendar is absolutely beautiful! You have such a talent for painting!
    I hope you feel better now. :)
    Your blog is so lovely <3

    Lauren ~> My blog

  6. How do you make your blog look so beautiful!?


  7. So sorry dear! Good to know you feel much better now.
    You've got a nice blog dear.
    I'm following you via GFC, kindly follow back

  8. your blog makes me happy. Thank you for that!!

  9. I love the calendar! Great work and a really beautiful one indeed!


  10. so lovely! also i really really like your new design ;)

  11. Dear Rachel,

    I just stumbled across your blog and oh my. It's so pretty! I love it. And this calendar is absolutely adorable too. "The earth laughs in flowers." < gah, I love that! I hope you feel better soon, girl! (:


  12. Dear Rachel,

    This is really pretty! I like your art style- its very feminine and delicate! Check out our blog
    Gabby :)


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