September 11, 2014

Unsung Blessings

This world is really such a beautiful place; it's hard to recognize all of the lovely little details because there are just so many of them! Although, you may be able to acknowledge a handful of them if you take the time. Below I've listed a few 'unsung blessings' that never fail to delight me.

the scent of books
a murder of crows flying beneath an overcast sky
cobblestone streets
weeping willows, supremely when accompanied by a tree fort
woolly berets
the hush that snow brings
the sensation of tea warming my body
soft, weathered book spines
fancy brass door knockers
the graceful twirl of ballerinas
classical piano music
ornate spiraling staircases
sunlight illuminating dust as it drifts through the air
birch tree forests
vintage flowery wallpaper
wrought iron beds
the sound of rain from beneath an umbrella
the clickity-clack of a typewriter
old houses with plenty of windows
the skeletons of trees in winter
the view from rooftops
ivy veiled walls and houses
passersby who say 'hello' rather than 'hi'
the individualized and memorable fragrance that accompanies each season
dressing up just to feel fancy
dried flowers, memories of springs past
old photographs, and the curiosity that they evoke
writing in cursive
discussing the mystifying immensity of God and all of Creation
ancient gnarly trees
kitten's paws
when the moon is full
cotton candy clouds at sunset

Oh, so lovely! What are some little details that you admire?

Inspired by the wonderful Bridget from Deer Circus.


  1. This is such lovely post. I love recognizing life's little blessings.

  2. How awesome! I always love reading your well written posts. :)

  3. Such a cute post! - F -

  4. This is soo cute. Really made my dayyy :)

  5. I love this. : ) I was just working on a second list, and, sweet lady -- we have so very much in common. xo.

  6. Birch tree forests <3 it really is the little things, something I find I need to stop and pay attention to the older I get.

  7. Every one of these makes me go "YES ABSOLUTELY". I always say "hello" to strangers instead of "hi"; it just feels like it's meant to be said that way, you know? And I love hearing it back.

  8. Lovely writing, I enjoyed reading that :)

  9. Hey, Rachelle! Guess what? I tagged you for 20 things you might not know about me blog tag. See it over at
    I can't wait to see yours!

  10. Hi you! You won the giveaway over on my blog (Deer Circus) for three headbands from etsy! I couldn't find your email, however. Can you please shoot me an email: and we can get those headbands sent to you!


  11. Hey Rachelle! This was such a lovely blog post. There are so many little things that I love :) (If you would like to, you could check out my new blog, )

  12. I too, adore most of these tiny details. I did a post similar recently as a guest post, there are so many little things that we don't even notice or acknowledge that make this world such a beautiful place.
    Love your blog:)
    -Lauren xoxo

  13. Can you pretty please post? You have wonderful posts and you think of the most brilliant things nobody else could think of. You truly are my favorite blog out of those I follow! Blog on!!

    1. Aw you are beyond sweet, Bree! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I haven't quit, I've just been moving houses and haven't had the time. But there will be more posts soon!

  14. Love this so much! <3 It is always important to make sure you're looking at the positive stuff and counting your blessings, and its always awesome to see people doing it :) Glad I stumbled upon your blog, love it!

    With Love, Elizabeth

  15. i cannot express how much i love this. lists and things that bring joy. i already love your blog and i just found it!

  16. Hi Rachelle!
    I got your link over at Eves blog! I love all of your photographs and posts! Awesome blog!

  17. Lovely post (: I really enjoyed it!


  18. such a lovely list! i love the sound of rain too

  19. I love love love this. A few of mine lately have been sunrays streaming through fog & the sound of rain as I fall asleep.


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