August 12, 2014

A Blustery Warm Summer Night

Yesterday was ninety degrees Fahrenheit and very muggy. By nine o' clock at night, it was still in the eighties. "A blustery, warm summer night" as Dad described it (actually, he was just telling me what to write about in my journal).

And then it began to rain, and lightning was flashing repeatedly as thunder roared. The moon glowed fiery orange as it hid behind a passing cumulonimbus cloud. Dad took Isaiah and Levi on a car ride while I stayed home to write with my mom.

When they got home, Levi was excited because he'd gotten to see a lightning bolt in detail for the first time. Apparently, it went something like this: "Oh my word! I just saw a lightning bolt! I'm so blessed!". Goodness, he is so adorable!

His new favorite superhero is Thor.


  1. Aw! I remember when I saw my first lighting bolt in detail. I was on vacation in Florida when I was very little, and it was definitely the coolest thing in my kid brain. I'm terrified of lightning, but just seeing that made me want to stand outside in the storm to see more. ♥

  2. Aww! He seems like a sweet kid. How old is he? Oh! I like your new profile picture on your blog. And having it round makes it looks more...fresh. :D I might have to do that! :D :D

    1. He can be really sweet! He is eight, turning nine this November. Thank you!

  3. Aw your little brother is adorable. And 90 degrees seems so cool compared to AZ now ;)

  4. Aw! Your brother sounds so adorable!!! He's almost exactly the same age as my youngest brother (my brother turns 9 on the 31 this month), and my brother says the funniest and cutest things, too! Little brothers... they're just the best, aren't they?!


  5. We had very similar weather to this a few days ago. I went swing dancing in an outdoor gazebo that evening, and it was so warm and muggy that everyone dancing was a sweaty mess. :P It was so fun though! And later that week we had thunderstorms. I just love listening to the thunder and rain, especially at night!


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