February 15, 2014

Currently I am...

 Reading... "Wildwood", because I saw that Chloe was reading it, and it looked so interesting! Not to mention, the author is the singer in The Decemberists, and his wife is a wonderful illustrator. I'm also reading "The Hobbit" for school, and I am really loving it!

Drinking... water. Lots and lots of water. It is my favorite drink! And, occasionally, I've been going on 'daddy dates' to Starbucks where we both get caramel machiattos.

Pinning... lots of inspiration for my bedroom. I am in the process of re-doing it more my style, so Pinterest has been an enormous inspiration! You can visit my Pinterest if you want to see what I've been pinning. 

Loving... these Docs, this bag, and gold. Gold washi tape, gold oxfords, gold room décor. Sometimes I think I want to spray paint everything gold...but then I realize that I might not like gold anymore if I did that. ;) 

Enjoying... the company of my missionary friend/cousin, Naomi, who is currently on furlough with her family, and gets to live in America for 10 months before she returns to Ukraine. It has been quite a few years since her last furlough, so we are having a wonderful time!

Learning... lots of dances and songs for the musical that I am in, "Peter Pan". I am an indian in Tiger Lily's tribe in the musical, and all of the other people in the tribe are teenage girls, so we are having great fun dancing and singing together. Our roles are mostly dancing/singing, and I a really enjoying all of the fun dances!

 Praying... for warmer weather soon. I have so many things that I want to spray paint (yes, one of them I am planning painting gold!), but I have to wait for warmer weather before I can do so. And, not to mention, I think I've had my fill of winter!

Listening to... "No Milk Today" by Herman's Hermits, "January Hymn" by The Decemberists, and "Ambivalence Avenue" by Bibio.
 Starting... to make more time for my favorite creative outlets/hobbies, and turning some of them into more than just hobbies. For example: writing, drawing/painting, ukulele/guitar/singing, theater, photography, and reading (that is just a hobby).

What about you? What are you currently up to?
xo Rachelle


  1. I do love those docs!
    Brooke Jordan

  2. I also would like to read Wildwood after seeing Chloe's pictures as it looks so beautiful !
    Eb x

  3. That's a good a idea for a post! Can I try? :)

  4. Hi! I like your blog design. I'm a new reader. :)

    Stay strong and wonderful!
    xoxo Morning //

    1. Thank you! I'm actually redesigning my blog... this one is just temporary. But thank you anyway, and welcome to my blog! :)

  5. Hii! I just nominated you for a Liebster award! Go see your questions here http://analeote.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-liebster-award.html :)


  6. I love your photos!!
    Followed u on pinterest

    Xx Barbora

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  8. Love your post! Where did you get the idea for it??

    1. Thank you! :) I saw it as a journal writing prompt on Pinterest, and thought it would be a fun idea for a post.


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