September 21, 2013

World Gratitude Day

Happy World Gratitude Day!
Oftentimes, we forget just how blessed we are and we take our many blessings for granted. It is wonderful to take the time to realize just how amazing our lives really are.
Take a moment to look around and list just a few (untypical) things that you are grateful for. Here is my list:

- sunlight -
One of the most beautiful things, to me. I just love the way it makes patterns on the walls, and how it can brighten any day (or photo).

- mistakes -
Where would we be without them? They teach us to make wiser decisions, and build us into stronger people. If nobody ever learned from their mistakes, then they would just keeping making the same mistakes over and over again.

- the forest -
A place to escape from our world that is becoming more and more modern and consuming. A place to enjoy what God has made, not what man has made.

- color -
It can bring joy to anything. Some black and white pictures are beautiful, but some things are better in color. Colors make you feel certain emotions that you can't experience by looking at black and white.

- 24 hour days -
If our days were shorter, we would never get much done, but if they were longer, we'd be desperate for them to come to end (although, sometimes we're like that even though they are a perfect length). Take advantage of each hour and spend it wisely.
- teachers -
People who have learned from their mistakes and who have grown wiser from them. They can help us not to make the same mistakes as they did, and will help us to one day be strong and knowledgeable like them. Not just school teachers, but parents, grandparents, and other adults as well.

The list goes on and on, and my blessings are countless, but those are six things that I take for granted often, but am so blessed to have. 

What are you grateful for?

xo Rachelle


  1. Wow, awesome post and an awesome list. I never thought of some of those before and how often I take them for-granted!! hmm...some things I'm grateful for? Family, sight, taste, God. So many things though!! Great post and thanks for the reminder!!

  2. this was such a great post!! I love the picture too!!(:

  3. Hey Rachelle,
    I never new this even existed, but it's great that it does! I love your list of grateful-being-for, mine is quite similar. I would add family and friends though!
    Have a lovely day!
    xo Flora

  4. Neat post, Rachelle! I never thought there was such a day. :) I'm grateful for salvation, Jesus, the Bible, my family and friends, school, books, fall, and BBC shows (hint, hint). :D


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