March 8, 2013

Meet my cat, Blackberry

Today I will be introducing you to my favorite cat ever,  Blackberry. :)

His back story is a mystery, but he started coming to my house in summer 2008. He looked hungry, so we fed him bits of chicken and pet him, and he kept coming back. We wanted him to stay outside, but he managed to wriggle is way into our hearts and our home. ;)

We thought he was a runaway, and when we found his previous owners, they said that they actually had taken him in for a friend, and they had a lot of other cats. They hoped that we could keep him because they couldn't, and when we said we could, they were so happy that he had a loving home (we were thrilled, too). :)

Oh, about his name...
We previously owned an orange cat who we named "Huckleberry" after a cat in many of Richard Scarry's books. When the sweet black cat came along, we thought "Blackberry" would be fitting for such a sweet cat. :)

He is the sweetest cat I know, and sometimes acts like a bit of a baby...he sometimes cries, wanting to be "tucked in" at night. :) He enjoys accompanying me during school (curled up on my lap), and whenever I do Pilates (or any sort of stretching), he likes to join me by rubbing his head against me and walking under and around me. :)

My little brother and I have found that if we wink at him, he will usually wink back. I think it's pretty strange...but really cool, too. :)

Thankfully, he is very forgiving. Whether I (accidentally) step on his tail, pet his fur the wrong way, or nearly close him in the door (sorry, Blackberry!), he will always love me. :)

Also...he has a peculiar habit of scratching/pawing on the door when he wants in or out of the house. I've never seen other cats do that...have you?

Needless to say...he loves me, and I love him. :) I'm thankful that God brought him into my life.



  1. I wish I had a cat like Blackberry. :) He's adorable!

    1. Yes, he is! Well when you come visit you can kind of consider him your cat. ;)

  2. Oh, I also involved your blog in my giveaway,

    you cacn check it out and enter if you want!


    1. Thank you so much, Emmy! I really appreciate that. ♥


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